Nalas colour gene test

Long Island Arkiza *PL tutkittiin vuoden iässä olevan geneettisesti puhdas punainen (MCO d) maine coon. Genotyyppi on a/a. Kuvassa Nala on vuoden ikäinen.

Long Island Arkiza *PL was found to be a solid red Maine Coon Cat (MCO d) in a gene test at the age of one year. The genotype is a/a. In picture above, Nala is one year old.


Long Island Arkiza *PL
born: 25.9.2008
breeder: Monika Zajac, Poland, cattery Arkiza
owner: Mira Vilkman, Finland, cattery Vuorensinen

Colour DNA gene test

Agouti: genotype a/a
Dilution: genotype D/d

Fellzeichnung Agouti

Result: Genotype a/a
Interpretation: The cat is non-carrier of the allele Agouti. The cat will develop the color variant ”Solid”. The cat will pass the non-Agouti allele onto all its offspring. The result is valid only for the submitted sample.

Gentest Dilution (PCR)
Result: genotype D/d
Interpretation: The cat is a carrier (heterozygous) of the dilute gene that is responsible for the intensity of the coat colour. The cat will pass the mutation onto its offspring with a probability of 50%.